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our bad renovations:

Move in Condition
Master Bedroom
The Den
Half Bath (Downstairs)
Pointed Arch Destruction
Garage / Workshop
Hallway Facelift
New Windows
Load Bearing Beam
Kitchen Renovation Part 1
Kitchen Renovation Part 2
Dining Room
Pool Renovation
Dining Room Table
Formal Living Room
Electrical Rewiring
Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps
Front Porch
Outdoor Living

Thanks for following our progress at BADrenovations.com

My wife, Lauren and I (Tony) purchased our first house in September of 2012. Its a five bedroom, two and a half bathroom brookfield colonial, two car garage and a partial basement totalling 2600 square feet of living space. While that all sounds lovely on paper, the visual appearance is pretty rough. But in order to fit out budget in any of the areas we were looking, we had to go for the fixer upper.

We moved in over labor day weekend with the tireless help of our amazing families and friends. It didnt take very long before we started turning small projects into BIG trouble. Lauren and I got a crash course in home ownership, and we finally got to find out if all those years of watching HGTV paid off.

I will periodically post pictures and rambling details of our progress, destruction and/or horrific misadventures with the house, as we make our way through the process of turning this run down house into the home of our dreams (or possibly our nightmares).