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Move in Condition
Master Bedroom
The Den
Half Bath (Downstairs)
Pointed Arch Destruction
Garage / Workshop
Hallway Facelift
New Windows
Load Bearing Beam
Kitchen Renovation Part 1
Kitchen Renovation Part 2
Dining Room
Pool Renovation
Dining Room Table
Formal Living Room
Electrical Rewiring
Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps
Front Porch
Outdoor Living

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anthony lopez said,
thank you, sure if it is ok with you on going into more detail would be better for me,I am at the stage where I need to put the drywall and before that I want to be sure of the outlet, my outlet is existing but it was for the hoodbelow a wood cabinet. Thanks
regarding Kitchen Renovation Part 1 on 20-Jun-14
Tony said,
Hi Anthony Lopez - Since the range hood vent cowling (for lack of a better term) went all the way to the ceiling, but the vent tube did not, I was able to simply put the outlet anywhere above the hole in the wall. If your vent tube goes up to the ceiling, you'll have to do some measurements or a mock up and light pencil marks where the cowl sits, then put the outlet where the cowl will cover it, but close enough so that it wont interfere with the vent tube. Hope that makes sense. If you enter your email, I can go into more detail, it doesn't display on the site.
regarding Kitchen Renovation Part 1 on 20-Jun-14
anthony lopez said,
thank you for answer so quick, one last question you electrical outlet has a specific high from finish floor or depend on the hood?
regarding Kitchen Renovation Part 1 on 20-Jun-14
Tony said,
Hi Anthony Lopez - Thanks for the kind words. It was a GTC Europe 36 inch range hood. We bought it on eBay for roughly 225. I see they are even cheaper these days. I believe it came with instructions and all necessary hardware, except for the wall cap outside. It was pretty easy to figure out even if it didn't have directions.
regarding Kitchen Renovation Part 1 on 20-Jun-14
anthony lopez said,
you work is amazin, I am really impresed how much effort you and your family put in this project, one question, what is the model of your new hood and does it came with specs on how to installed?
regarding Kitchen Renovation Part 1 on 20-Jun-14
Rick said,
I just want to sit in this room in a double breasted navy coat drinking tea.
on 10-Mar-14
jeff notti said,
that is a totally bad renovation. really bad. so bad. speechlessly bad. bad ass even.
regarding Formal Living Room on 07-Mar-14
Yo Mama's the insensitive jerk wad!
regarding Nursery on 28-Feb-14
M said,
Your grammar is bad (that is to say, poor)
regarding Nursery on 27-Feb-14
Tony said,
Youre doing it wrong!
on 05-Feb-14
Larson said,
You left the wrought iron huh? okay
regarding Pointed Arch Destruction on 15-Oct-13
Larson said,
Sweet, next time I need something welded you'll be getting a call.
regarding Garage / Workshop on 15-Oct-13
Lisa Larson said,
I know you soooo want to do the project all over again to make us a table and bench too!!
regarding Dining Room Table on 15-Oct-13
Chris said,
Need a window well!
regarding Basement on 15-Oct-13
Larson said,
That table is BAD ASS!!!
regarding Dining Room Table on 15-Oct-13
Tom D said,
Hey Anthony, My name is Tom , I work with your brother Dan. I am amazed at all the work you've done in such a short time. It looks great. I like doing stuff on my house too. Any time you want to give me a tour just let Dan know and I'll be happy to stop by!.
on 27-Aug-13
Dear Tony, When you are done with your house will you be my temporary husband (sorry Lauren) and help me renovate my Greenport house? I will gladly cook you your favorite meal every night. (Sorry Lauren) Awesome job, you are maniacs. Your macatuma Karen Rivara
regarding Kitchen Renovation Part 2 on 16-Jul-13

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