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our bad renovations:

Move in Condition
Master Bedroom
The Den
Half Bath (Downstairs)
Pointed Arch Destruction
Garage / Workshop
Hallway Facelift
New Windows
Load Bearing Beam
Kitchen Renovation Part 1
Kitchen Renovation Part 2
Dining Room
Pool Renovation
Dining Room Table
Formal Living Room
Electrical Rewiring
Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps
Front Porch
Outdoor Living

Here's our latest work:

Pool Renovation Latest Update: 05/16/2023

A few years back we installed a variable speed pump, which drastically cut our electric usage. This year, we converted to saltwater. Wih the price of chlorine, the unit will pay for itself in a season and a half. Here you can see the salt cell, flow switch, and sacrificial anode.
Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps Latest Update: 06/12/2019

Most of the mini splits have arrived. One more 12k unit is still on it's way.
Hallway Facelift Latest Update: 05/03/2020

Caulking over the stairs was a bit precarious, but we got it done.
Master Bedroom Latest Update: 05/03/2020

We added a blue accent wall, wooden blinds and light blocking curtains, a ceiling fan, LED pot lights, and topped it off with crown moulding.
Landscaping Latest Update: 05/02/2020

We couldnt risk it damaging the pool or fence, so we topped it with the pole saw, then worked our way down as far as we could. Once it was low enough to reach with a ladder, the chainsaw made quick work of the trunk.
Bedrooms Latest Update: 08/20/2019

Just gotta rehang the smoke alarm, and we're done.
Garage / Workshop Latest Update: 07/09/2023

A little more organizing...
Electrical Rewiring Latest Update: 07/10/2022

On the side of the house you can see the new meter panel, two discos for the A/C units, and a generator inlet.
Outdoor Living Latest Update: 05/06/2023

Success! The threaded rods lines up with the existing holes in the pavers, and we dropped the gazebo legs right back on top.
Front Porch Latest Update: 05/06/2023

That's better. We narrowed the gap by the door, and added some shrubs to the rock bed.
New Windows Latest Update: 11/16/2014

Shutters are up, and the ladder is down. This project is over. Just in time for the rain about to roll in this evening.
Formal Living Room Latest Update: 02/28/2014

Theres a few pieces of moulding I may want to adjust if not completely remove and re-nail. But some alignment issues are simply because of imperfections in the wall. Ill do what I can to dial it in, but I'm fairly happy with the outcome so far.
Nursery Latest Update: 02/15/2014

Lauren bought a bunch of closet bins and started stocking and organizing the closet.
Dining Room Table Latest Update: 07/31/2013

Here is a closeup of the antiquing we did on the table legs and frame.
Dining Room Latest Update: 07/09/2013

Here's the finished floor. Nice to have the mouldings back on, even if they do need to be filled and painted. Overall, I'm happy with the way the floors turned out, and I really didnt think the floors had much life left in them when we first uncovered them. But honestly, it wasn't much cheaper or less work than simply replacing the floors with new pre-finished wood. I'll have to weigh my options when it comes to refinishing upstairs.
Kitchen Renovation Part 2 Latest Update: 06/03/2013

New tiles go down. Sadly these wont be as strong as the originals, since the underlayment is no longer well adhered. Hopefully we wont have to replace too many of these in the future.
Half Bath (Downstairs) Latest Update: 05/01/2013

After countless hours of wrestling with procelain, banging brass flanges into submission, and two destroyed wax rings, I finally noticed that the bottom of the toilet gad globs of thinset underneath it, keeping the toilet from sitting flush no matter how hard I cranked down. A few minutes with a hammer and chisel, and yet another run to the hardware store for a new wax seal, and we were finally able to reinstall the bathroom.
Basement Latest Update: 04/08/2013

This was our first foray into masonry, and I think it came out pretty good. The bottom of the window is up an inch or so compared to the old ones, which will hopefully help keep the water out of the basement during heavy rains. Ill have to touch up the top corners, and I may even parge along the top to protect the 2x4 top piece from the elements.
The Den Latest Update: 01/01/2013

We sealed up the doors with high temp fireplace silicone. The doors work great, and it all but completely eliminated any smoke spilling into the room.
Kitchen Renovation Part 1 Latest Update: 12/16/2012

A couple more skim coats got the ceiling faired out pretty well. Its not perfect, but Its about the best I can do without pulling down sheetrock again. The taped corner seams were a little rough, but we cleaned them up with a sanding sponge. Theyll be covered with wallpaper and crown moulding anyway, so I wont worry too much about them.
Load Bearing Beam Latest Update: 11/25/2012

I put the long hurrican ties every other floor joist, while the others will get the smaller hurricane ties. We added a ton of lag bolts throughout the beam. Nearly a hundred were used so far. Looking from a shallow angle, if tis beam deflects 1/8 inch in the middle, its a lot. Its very strong and easily holds the weight of the structure above.
Pointed Arch Destruction Latest Update: 10/07/2012

We put up some sheetrock to cover the bare studs and got to work sanding. Unfortunately we could only find 1/2"
Move in Condition Latest Update: 08/29/2012