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our bad renovations:

Move in Condition
Master Bedroom
The Den
Half Bath (Downstairs)
Pointed Arch Destruction
Garage / Workshop
Hallway Facelift
New Windows
Load Bearing Beam
Kitchen Renovation Part 1
Kitchen Renovation Part 2
Dining Room
Pool Renovation
Dining Room Table
Formal Living Room
Electrical Rewiring
Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps
Front Porch
Outdoor Living

Here's our work in chronological order:

Move in Condition Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 08/29/2012

Here's a collection of pictures from the day we took delivery of the house.

Master Bedroom Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 05/03/2020

This is where the magic gets put off after an exhausting day of renovations.

The Den Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 01/01/2013

When we first moved in, I promised Lauren that I would give her one finished room for her to escape to - a sanctuary from all the clutter and debris from demolition and renovations of nearly every corner of the house. We had barely moved in and unpacked when we ripped right in, after less than a week of owning the house.

Half Bath (Downstairs) Started: 10/07/2012
Latest: 05/01/2013

We had a weekend without anything on our plates, so we decided to do a quick $300 renovation on the downstairs half bath.

We have ceramix tile and marble threshold ready and waiting to go in, but we've found ourselves tied up in other projects for now. We'll eventually return to adress the ugly linolieum.

Pointed Arch Destruction Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 10/07/2012

These pointy arches were possibly Lauren and my least favorite aspect of tyhe new house. We couldnt wait to get rid of them. We considered doing curved arches, but finally decided that going squared off was a better look and would hopefully stand the test of time - unlike these beauties.

Garage / Workshop Started: 10/08/2012
Latest: 07/09/2023

Although not exactly a renovation or anything noteworthy, I needed a place to put all my tools while I work on the rest of the house. It was great seeing everything layed out after having it all in storage for so long.

Hallway Facelift Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 05/03/2020

Here's the foyer area when you first walk in the front door. As you can see, it need some help.

New Windows Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 11/16/2014

So today we woke up and decided, lets put a giant hole in the kitchen.

Load Bearing Beam Started: 11/23/2012
Latest: 11/25/2012

Even before Lauren and I had an accepted offer on the new house, we knew we would be tearing down the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Unfortunately since this wall runs directly under the second story exterior wall. This means the wall carries all the weight of the second floor joists, kitchen ceiling joists, exterior walls and both first and second story roof load - making this wall extremely load bearing. With a span nearly 16 feet in length, this is not something you want to ballpark. An architect and family friend - appropriately named Bill Wall - was kind enough to work up a quick set of plans and spec the beam out for us.

Kitchen Renovation Part 1 Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 12/16/2012

Well, Its finally here. The Kitchen Renovation. This will obviously be the biggest and most expensive of all the renovations, and will even encompass other sub-renovations like the beam from last week.

Kitchen Renovation Part 2 Started: 12/16/2012
Latest: 06/03/2013

We have finally turned a corner with the kitchen reno, we are decidedly into construction rather than destruction. The major stuff is done, and we are starting the process of turning an empty unfinished room back into a kitchen.

See our previous work at Kitchen Renovation Part 1

Dining Room Started: 01/02/2013
Latest: 07/09/2013

We decided to start a new section on the site for the finish work going on in the dining room, even though its fairly closely related to the kitchen and beam. The plans include adding a tray ceiling, pot lights, ceiling mounted speakers, crown moulding, chair rail and picture frame wainscoting. But first and foremost, I need to get the tray ceiling framed out and sheetrocked so we can stop bleeding out heat now that the cold weather is upon us.

Basement Started: 04/08/2013
Latest: 04/08/2013

Fixin up the unfinished basement

Pool Renovation Started: 04/21/2013
Latest: 06/12/2023

The previous owners had not opened the pool in eight years. It had been holding water at the time we had our home inspection. Sometime between the inspection and when we took posession, the liner let go. We knew it was going to be in rough shape. We finally took the cover off, and what do you know....

Dining Room Table Started: 07/15/2013
Latest: 07/31/2013

As Lauren and my second anniversary approaches, we deicded our gift to each other would be a new dining table. We fell in love with an antique Farmhouse style table and bench in an antique store out east in Greenport. We decided to take a shot at recreating the look and feel ourselves.

Formal Living Room Started: 08/29/2012
Latest: 02/28/2014

Nursery Started: 01/25/2014
Latest: 02/15/2014

With our first baby on the way, we wanted to quickly spruce up the middle bedroom next to the master, and turn it into the nursery. I dont have any before pictures, but the room was in pretty good condition to start with.

Electrical Rewiring Started: 05/21/2015
Latest: 07/10/2022

At the time the house was built, aluminum wiring was the standard. Years later, it was discovered that this was a big fire hazard. With the help of an electrician friend who was willing to work for booze, we slowly but surely replaced every inch of aluminum wiring with copper. There was an incredible amount of sheetrock work to do after cutting access holes to run the new wiring. We also replaced the meter panel, load center, and added a gen panel and inlet.

Bedrooms Started: 08/12/2019
Latest: 08/20/2019

We spruced up the guest bedroom first. Then we fixed up our son's bedroom when he graduated from the nursery

Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps Started: 06/12/2019
Latest: 07/26/2023

We added ductless and ducted mini split units throughout the house for both heat and cooling duties.

Front Porch Started: 05/09/2022
Latest: 05/06/2023

For years we had wanted a front porch, or at least the look of one. The overhang is less than 4 feet deep. Its a tight fit, but in the end, it works well.

Outdoor Living Started: 04/25/2022
Latest: 05/06/2023

We love the outdoors, but we didnt have a proper living space out back. It was simply patio and pool. Lets change that.

Landscaping Started: 05/02/2020
Latest: 05/21/2023

It took a while to get around to fixing up the yard. I hate to admit we let it really get away from us for a while. I guess having young kids will do that to you.