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our bad renovations:

Move in Condition
Master Bedroom
The Den
Half Bath (Downstairs)
Pointed Arch Destruction
Garage / Workshop
Hallway Facelift
New Windows
Load Bearing Beam
Kitchen Renovation Part 1
Kitchen Renovation Part 2
Dining Room
Pool Renovation
Dining Room Table
Formal Living Room
Electrical Rewiring
Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps
Front Porch
Outdoor Living

We would be remiss if we did not specifically thank a few people who helped us out along the way...
(in no particular order)


Don Morrongiello
Real Estate Professional - Daniel Gale Sotheby's
Lauren and I were blessed to have found Don Morrongiello completely by chance. Don is simply a genuine and kind soul, swimming in a sea of sharks. After being nauseated at the very thought of dealing with real estate people, fate introduced us to Don, who spent over a year of his life showing us house after house, approaching triple digits in number. The man is a gentle giant, with absolutely no pressure or self serving motives, as is all too prevalent in the field. In a perfect balance, He was kind, gentle and honest to us always, yet firm and assertive where necessary and appropriate to look after our interests. You will consider yourself extremely fortunate to have had the privilege to work with Don, as he is undoubtedly a diamond in the rough in the real estate business.

Mr. Frank Wigley
President - Whitman Mortgage
As a good friend of my father's for many years, Mr. Wigley took time away from his multi-million dollar commercial real estate deals to make sure that we were treated like family. This man proves that no matter the enormity of your success in life, you can still be a true gentleman. Darlene, Suresh, Gregg and Kathy and the rest of the staff at Whitman were all very friendly and pleasurable to deal with every step of the way.

Bill Wall
Architect - William J. Wall, R.A. , P.C.
Bill Wall has been a family friend for as long as I can remember. He is a true gentleman. He helped us out enormously with the complex calculations required to size our beam correctly, since we had multiple converging roof loads as well as second story loads. He also helped us with a number of suggestions for shoring up other aspects of the house. He is just a talented, kind, and overall great guy to deal with. I cannot recommend him highly enough to anyone in need of his skills.

Michael Biggiani
Real Estate Lawyer
We were referred to Michael by our trusted real estate agent, Don Morrongiello. Michael was very pleasant and professional to deal with, and was extremely well priced considering all the hard work he put in fighting for us. We could not be more pleased with his work.

Bob O'Gorman
WIN Home Inspection
We were referred to Bob by our trusted real estate agent, Don Morrongiello. Bob graciously made the trip out to the house on Father's day, and was very thorough and took his time despite the fact his family was waiting for him at home. I followed Bob around the entire time (except the roof!) and he thoroughly explained every issue to me, as well as suggested remedies for each. He caught a lot of items that I didn't see, and his inspection report came quickly, and was extremely thorough and detailed. We were very happy with his services.


Riverhead Building Supply
RBS is my go-to for larger material orders. They offer free delivery for orders over $200, which saves a ton of work and wear and tear on the car. The Selection of materials is great, and the quality is leaps and bounds above the big box stores. Every stud arrives perfectly straight and true. They also carry specialty items like microlam and parallam beams, or hard to find floor poly.

RTA Cabinet Store
There are a ton of options when it comes to ready to assemble / affordable cabinetry. These guys seemed very reasonably priced, they were well reviewed, and used quality materials - for chinese import cabinets anyway. The important thing was a full hardwood door and cabinet face, and all plywood construction, no MDF. They were very pleasant to deal with, and the freight shipment arrived quickly. The cabinets were easy to put together (We also glued them) and they look fantastic in our kitchen. A HUGE thumbs up for the great customer service too.

I found Marble.com in the pennysaver, but after researching, they seem to be highly recommended for any solid surface counter top. Their online estimation tool was very close to being spot on. Their prices, quality, installation and professionalism was second to none. From walking around the yard looking at slabs, right through installation, everything was a pleasant experience.

Verona Appliances
The highlight of our kitchen is our beautiful Verona range. It's easily the most reasonably priced range in the designer appliance market. Mark Kriegel and the gang at EuroChef import these appliacens from Italy, and they're located right in Deer Park. Mark went out of his way to make sure I received a backsplash that US appliance (the company I bought the range from) misplaced. I would run away from US appliance like a rat from a sinking ship, but I highly suggest checking out Verona Appliances at a local vendor, as they're gaining popularity. You can't beat the bang for the buck here.

My Tile Backsplash
Mike from MTB was great to deal with. In addition to being the cheapest around, Mike and was able to quickly match, order and ship the exact backsplash I was looking for. I will be stopping here first for all my future tile orders.

All Island Mason Supply
Conveniently located in our very own Kings Park, we have been using AIMS for all our bulk materials for outside. We've bought pavers, cement block, sand and crushed stone, and the deliveries are always trouble free.

Royal Swimming Pools
We bought most of our pool building supplied from Royal, including the vinyl liner, liner track, foam and pool stairs. They're amount the least expensive options out there, but the service has been great.

Friends and Family

Where would we be without the tireless help of our friends and family?? My loving and endlessly supportive wife Lauren and my stepdog Spencer have helped out every step of the way. Our parents and in laws have helped with moving in as well as countless projects. Our siblings, Dave, Kari, Danny and Lane have also been there to lend a hand as often as they can. James and Amanda, Sean and Danielle, Nick and Courtney have all helped us out time and time again. I'm sure I'm missing dozens of friends who have helped us out here and there, my apologies. Thank you all!